Month: August 2014

The Startup Founder’s Dilemma – When to hire your first VPS?

This is the second post in this series. The first post is The Startup Founder’s Dilemma – How to scale sales?  As stated in that post, before considering hiring your first Vice President of Sales (VPS) you would have hired 2-4 sales reps, began growing recurring revenue and the founder(s) would be acting as the head of

The Startup Founder’s Dilemma – How to scale sales?

As a founder you’re selling every day, to VCs, to candidates, to vendors, to analysts, to the press and to customers. The first sales people at a startup tends to be the founder(s). No one can sell the company’s vision better than the founder(s) which is why they are best equipped for early sales results. However, you can’t