60% – 80% of the buyer’s journey is complete by the time they decide to reach out to you. That is the biggest shift in how B2B buyers purchase services and software today compared to years gone by. With the rise of the digital world your prospects are better armed with knowledge about your company, your competitors, your offering and you.

Today buyers aren’t looking to sellers for education. They’re looking for a compelling reason to buy from you.

Give them a reason to buy from you by winning their heart.

If you win their heart, you’ll earn their trust and ultimately win their mindshare.

Put another way, if they like and trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you!

Winning the heart starts from the first contact, the first question, the first phone call, the first meeting etc. Take advantage of every touch point to make an emotional connection.

To win the heart you must be REAL – Relatable, Empathetic, Authentic and Likable.

What makes a seller REAL?
R – you’re able to develop a connection and find common ground
E – you’re aware, understand and are sensitive to people’s feelings and experiences
A – you’re able to be your genuine self, bringing out your personality traits in a respectful way
L – you’re able to bring about a smile or positive response from those you encounter

How can you be more REAL?

* Make your emails personal.
* Ask thoughtful questions.
* Soft start conversations when possible.
* Send thoughtful follow up.
* Provide value without expecting anything in return
* Ask for flavors.
* Share something personal about yourself.
* Ask for feedback.
* Admit when you don’t know something.

These are examples of easy ways to start building trust and making an emotional connection to the buyer.

The key is to be REAL. You can’t fake your way to the heart, you can’t fake your way to building a trusting relationship, and you can’t fake your way to closing a deal.

Once you have won the heart, the mind will open up and you will be accepted as a trusted advisor, resource and partner. Believe that.

Are you interested in becoming a REAL seller? I teach a workshop that will help you win the heart leading to long term relationships and repeat buyers. Contact me to schedule a session for your team or organization.