About Sales@Scale

Sales@Scale is a B2B sales consultancy that accelerates revenue growth for venture capital backed startups and other scaling businesses. Sales@Scale specializes in helping growing companies that lack in-house sales expertise and need a short-term team member to serve as their trusted sales coach and advisor.

Founded in 2013 by veteran sales executive Vince Beese, Sales@Scale has helped numerous technology, SaaS, retail technology, and venture capital backed startups develop sustainable sales programs and winning sales teams. Surrounding Vince at Sales@Scale are other like-minded leaders in operational, marketing, and sales roles that are available for client projects and in advisory capacities.

What our clients say

Vince understands enterprise SaaS products and how to sell them. That’s why we’ve introduced Sales@Scale to our portfolio of companies in need of better go-to-market execution. His team quickly diagnoses gaps in their go-to-market strategy, and delivers a process to generate more and bigger opportunities. It is well worth the investment to ensure that our companies are off to a solid start.

Ian SigalowIan Sigalow, GreyCroft

We rely on Sales@Scale to assist our early stage SaaS enterprise startups with go-to-market strategy and sales execution. Many of these startups are seeking their first sales or are just beginning to scale for an ‘A’ round. The guidance that Vince’s team has provided us has already paid for itself many times over.

Ed Sim, boldstart Ventures

I was introduced to Sales@Scale by our investors, who recommended that they help us prior to hiring our first VP of Sales. Vince was instrumental in helping us improve our sales process and go-to-market strategy. He was the right fit at the time for our business, when we needed a proven sales leader and advisor.

Glen Coates, Handshake

We brought in Sales@Scale to evaluate our go-to-market strategy and identify gaps in our existing sales approach. Vince’s team was able to quickly identify areas of improvement, and worked with our team to fill those gaps. Looking back, my only regret is not enlisting their help earlier in our evolution.

Bill Smith, CEO of ShiptBill Smith, Shipt

Sales@Scale quickly pinpointed areas of improvement to help us close enterprise deals faster. For me personally, Vince and his team have been valuable mentors, advisors, and members of the Rebel team. We first brought Vince on as an advisory board member given his relevant experience in the email marketing industry, but over time Sales@Scale has taken a more hands-on role within our company. They continue to improve our go-to-market approach with the goal of scaling up the business.

Joe TeplowJoe Teplow, Rebelmail

As we were ramping up the sales organization it was clear that we needed someone to help coach and mentor the team. Vince Beese and Sales@Scale’s relevant SaaS and industry experience were the perfect choice to help us in the short term. Our team embraced their style and the direction they provided on deal strategy and negotiation. Sales@Scale was instrumental in helping us close our early deals, which later led to our successful acquisition.

Jeff Revoy, Viralheat

Sales@Scale have been our trusted advisors regarding sales and customer experience during a transitional period in our growth. They’ve been instrumental in designing new sales processes, defining our value proposition and pricing, and hiring and team-building. I heartily recommend Sales@Scale for early-stage startups looking to develop their sales functions.

David Hammer, Emissary

Sales@Scale accelerated our revenue growth and guided our hiring and sales processes to ensure that we hit our year-end goals. Today, we continue to utilize them as trusted advisors to our business.

Dusan BabichDusan Babich, Device Magic

Sales@Scale joined us at a time when we needed experienced sales leadership. They were able to rapidly learn our business needs, stabilize the team, coach/mentor talent, and revise compensation plans to optimize revenue-driven performance.

Geoff Alexander, iContact

Who works with Sales@Scale, and why?

Vince Beese
Vince BeeseFounder & CEO
Vince Beese is the go-to-market expert in B2B software and technology sales. For over 19 years, Vince has accelerated revenue growth and reduced churn at venture capital backed startups and other scaling businesses, leading to profitable corporate acquisitions and successful IPOs.

As the Founder & CEO of Sales@Scale, Vince consults with growing technology firms to deliver fully developed sales strategies, sales teams, and sales execution plans. Startups and venture capital firms turn to Sales@Scale to position their businesses for sustained profitability and client growth.

Prior to founding Sales@Scale, Vince has served in sales executive roles at True Fit Corporation, SugarCRM, TrustedID, LivePerson (IPO), Amadesa (acquired by LivePerson), and CheetahMail (acquired by Experian).

In addition to his sales consultancy, Vince is the Founder & CEO of The Revenue Exchange, a Raleigh-Durham community of revenue generating leaders that convenes monthly for seminars and annually for a summit conference, T-REX. Vince also is host of Best Selling Podcast, where he talks to real salespeople to uncover the secrets of their sales success. Lastly, Vince also serves as an advisory board member for a number of technology companies and venture capital firms across the country.

Vince’s Track Record of Success

True Fit

  • Tripled revenue in first year

  • Built organization from ground up

  • Helped secure a $25M B-round of financing


  • Startup to a public company offering (LPSN) in first 12 months

  • Did so while growing revenue from $10k – $2.5M


  • Grew into the leading ESP worldwide with a successful exit

  • Grew revenues from $3M to $150M


  • Created enterprise sales structure

  • Grew revenues by 40%

  • Brokered acquisition by LivePerson

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