Go-to-market strategy and execution services

Sales@Scale offers a number of B2B sales services to help you develop a comprehensive and sustainable B2B sales program. Our approach is to use a broad array of proven tools and services to help accelerate your sales growth and reduce customer churn.

We break down our services according to the three phases of a given project, as shown below: the sales audit phase, the execution phase, and the adjustments and coaching phase.

For some clients, it makes more sense to skip straight ahead to the coaching phase. Sales@Scale offers sales coaching and sales auditing services a la carte, if that sounds like a better fit for your business.

Phase I:

Sales Audit

Understanding your current go-to-market strategy is paramount to identifying a path towards increased revenue. Sales@Scale starts with a sales audit of six key areas — we call them The 6 P’s of B2B Sales™ — to identify where to focus our attention and efforts.

The 6 P’s of B2B Sales™

Phase II:

Sales Execution

Based on the gaps we’ve identified in your go-to-market strategy, we next begin executing on a number of initiatives to improve your sales approach. Below is a partial listing of the tools and services we offer during this second phase of the relationship.

Phase III:

Sales Coaching and Sales Advisory Services

Data drives the third phase of the relationship, as we closely monitor and measure results of the execution stage. We continue to refine and improve upon changes that have been made, with an eye on maximizing revenue at every turn.

During the final phase of the relationship, Sales@Scale offers coaching, team building, knowledge transfer, and advisory services to our clients. We’re there as an extension of your leadership team to objectively help on big or small initiatives, as needed.

Initially, we will be heavily involved in overseeing the areas of improvement defined above in Phase II. Over time, the goal is to gradually train and transfer knowledge to the client’s leadership team, and to help them answer and address any questions that may come up along the way.


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