Focused on your go-to-market approach

Sales@Scale is your hands-on partner in accelerating revenue growth and improving the sales process. Our approach is focused on what matters most — improving your go-to-market execution to increase revenue. Our primary goals are to shorten close ratios, create bigger deals, open new markets, and scale your sales team.

Your everyday sales consultants/coaches

When you work with Sales@Scale, you gain a trusted partner that brings extensive B2B sales expertise in-house on day one. We work as an extension of your leadership team, learning the ins-and-outs of your business and your sales history, and then offering valuable advice throughout the life of the relationship.

Our focus is to support your sales team as a hands-on coach and advisor. The goal is to improve your team’s overall performance by first improving the performance of each individual sales representative, and/or leader.

Length of engagements

Our typical engagements are 6-12 months in length. During that time, we offer sales consulting and sales coaching while working with your existing and future sales team. Our approach is to deliver an attainable and sustainable sales process that your team is ready to take over and run with at the completion of our relationship.

Depending on your particular situation, we can also break up the phases and start with a Sales Audit (Phase I), or jump right into Sales Coaching (Phase III), if that is your preference.

Typical Client Relationship Timeline
Typical Client Relationship Timeline

Just need a sales coach or sales advisor?

Sales@Scale prefers to work in the project-based capacity described above, progressing through the three phases of improving your B2B sales process. However, there are certain instances where it makes more sense for both parties to skip straight ahead to the coaching and advisory phase.

Working as your trusted B2B sales advisor, we can serve in a retainer capacity to support your overall business needs. We’re there as an extension of your leadership team to objectively help on big or small initiatives, as needed. This can also include working on any of the areas of improvement defined above. In these instances, the fee structure is based on a monthly retainer.

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