How often does your voice mail message get returned when prospecting? I bet not very often. If thats the case then why would you even bother leaving a message. Because leaving a brief and to the point message helps build your story and connect you with your prospect contact. It typically take 7-11 touches before your message begins to resonate so why not use your voice mail message to help you get to your magic number. 

Think of a LVM as an Advertisement. 

Tips for LVM (left a voice mail):
1) Keep it short – 15 seconds or less
2) State why you’re calling 
3) Have a clear call to action
4) Say good-bye

“Hi John, this is Vince from VOS. I’m calling to follow up on the email I sent you regarding the ROI calculator. I was able to show a 55% return on investment which represents an additional $125K in revenue. I have time on Thursday at 2pm or 4:30pm to go over the details, let me know what works for you. Thanks, Vince” (15 seconds total) 

I didn’t need to leave my contact information because John in this example already has my info in my email. I like referencing the email for a couple of reasons, 1) because you’re more likely to get your email returned than your VM and 2) it tells them where to get more detail. Long messages lead to the delete button getting accelerated. The last thing I want them to do is delete my VM before getting to the point so by keeping to 15 seconds or less I may escape immediate deletion. 

Voice mail is a way to advertise so write out your 15 second ad today for better success prospecting. 

What do you think?