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The Best Sales Books Ever!

Well, may be not the best books ever but at least I got your attention. These are the sales books I actually finished reading and for good reason because they rock! “Believe me” you won’t be disappointed.   Selling the Wheel by Jeff Cox, Howard Stevens By far the most enjoyable sales book I have ever read.

Red Zone Selling – How to score more than your opponent

Closing a deal is a lot like scoring touchdowns. With the right players, plays & execution you’ll score more than your opponent, but not every possession turns into a score and not every opportunity closes. The key is to have a plan, a process & execute. I would like to introduce you to “Red Zone Selling”

Biggest Impact on Deal Movement?

  The simple truth is that a Meaningful Conversation has the biggest impact on deal movement. For the context of this post a Meaningful Conversation is a two-way dialog that has an OUTCOME. These are the conversations that keep the opportunity fluid and on track through out the sales process. This can be a call, an in-person meeting, video conference or

FUD selling and how Donald Trump mastered the tactic!

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt better known as “FUD” FUD has been around as a selling tactic dating back to the early 20th century. Sales people use it as a tactic to persuade buyers to choose their product over the competition. This was a favorite of IBM sellers for years and may still be. Remember the

Time is the enemy

When it comes to getting a deal done time is typically against you. Every minute, hour, day, week and month that goes by without agreement the odds start going against you. Momentum is critical in closing a deal. So how do you keep momentum on your side while closing in a timely manner? Simple steps

What makes a sales person great?

NO FEAR.  Those who do not fear the truth, will find the truth.  The ability and willingness to uncover the truth will lead to more wins. If you can uncover the real pain, priorities and motivation for every opportunity, you will increase the amount of “truly qualified” opportunities and dramatically increase your closed win rate. Don’t be afraid

Why are you calling me?

I once had a sales rep call to sell me display ads. Fair enough but given that our site was BtoB we clearly were not a good fit for his service. So I asked him, “Why are you calling me?” He honestly didn’t have a good reason, other than “you were on my list to

Is response time important?

I love it when I get an immediate response from an inquiry. Responding in real time provides a “wow” factor that demonstrates your organization’s dedication to the prospect and customer. What could be more important than responding to an inquiry? Think about it, you’re only top of mind for a short period of time so

Should I leave a voice mail?

How often does your voice mail message get returned when prospecting? I bet not very often. If thats the case then why would you even bother leaving a message. Because leaving a brief and to the point message helps build your story and connect you with your prospect contact. It typically take 7-11 touches before