Time is the enemy of the sales process

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When it comes to getting a deal done, time is typically working against you.

Every minute, hour, day, week, and month that goes by without an agreement in place increases the odds that your deal won’t close. Momentum is critical in closing a deal. So how do you keep momentum on your side while closing in a timely manner?

I’ve created a list of 5 simple steps to help close out deals:

  1. Create a proactive closing strategy
    What needs to happen to close the deal? Map out your plan to keep the deal on track.
  2. Always have a next step
    After every call or meeting establish next steps and follow through.
  3. React with urgency
    Response time matters and demonstrates your level of interest.
  4. Understand the process to close
    What needs to happen on the customer side to get the deal done? Budget approval, legal process, signature — it’s critical to understand the timing and challenges ahead.
  5. Hustle / push hard to close
    You may only have a small opening to get it done so don’t take your foot off the pedal. Never assume its a done deal — act as though you are behind at all times.

Don’t let time be the enemy.

About the Author:

Vince Beese
Vince Beese is the Founder & CEO of Sales@Scale, where he helps B2B companies accelerate revenue growth through agile go-to-market strategies. In his spare time, he's the host of Best Selling Podcast, where he interviews real salespeople about the secrets of their sales success.

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