The Startup Founder’s Dilemma – How to scale sales?

As a founder you’re selling every day, to VCs, to candidates, to vendors, to analysts, to the press and to customers. The first sales people at a startup tends to be the founder(s). No one can sell the company’s vision better than the founder(s) which is why they are best equipped for early sales results. However, you can’t

Is response time important?

I love it when I get an immediate response from an inquiry. Responding in real time provides a “wow” factor that demonstrates your organization’s dedication to the prospect and customer. What could be more important than responding to an inquiry? Think about it, you’re only top of mind for a short period of time so

Should I leave a voice mail?

How often does your voice mail message get returned when prospecting? I bet not very often. If thats the case then why would you even bother leaving a message. Because leaving a brief and to the point message helps build your story and connect you with your prospect contact. It typically take 7-11 touches before

The three critical phases of sales – Qualify, Convince & Close

If you break down sales into its simplest form there are three critical phases, the qualification phase, the convincing phase and the closing phase. When selling an enterprise solution all three phases are equally important.  You can’t convince unless you’ve qualified and you can’t close if you haven’t convinced. Each phase if done right will

Are you an influencer?

Leaders lead but they also make an impact by influencing others around them. Influence by definition is  “the action or process of producing effects on the actions,behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others“. Are you as a leader doing that today? As a sales leader it’s your responsibility to influence product and marketing. As the ears and eyes to the market you can provide valuable insight on what your customers